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Product Description
Tongke ASN series  Industry Circulating water pump with Electrical motor
Industry Circulating Water Pump with Electrical Motor

Operation Parameter
Diameter DN 80-800 mm
Capacity no more than 11600m3/h
Head no more than  200m
Liquid Temperature up to105 ºC

Application Fields
 Municipal, construction, ports
 Chemical industry, paper making, paper pulp industry
∧ Mining and metallurgy;
∧ Fire control
∧ Environmental protection

Industry Circulating Water Pump with Electrical Motor

Industry Circulating Water Pump with Electrical Motor
√ ASN pump 
Advantage have to say!!

1.Compact structure nice appearance,good stability and easy installation
2.Stable running the optimally designed double-suction impeller makes the axial force reduced to the minimum and has a blade-style of very excellent hydraulic performance,both internal surface of the pump casing and the impeller s surace, being precisely cast, are extremely smooth and have a notable performance vapourcorrosion resisting and a high efficiency
3. The pump case is double volute structured, which greatly reduces radial force, lightens bearing's load andlong bearing's service life
4.Bearing use SKF and NSK bearings to guarantee a stable running, low noise and long duration. 
5.Shaft seal use BURGMANN mechanical or stuffing seal to ensure a 8000h non-leak running. 
6 . Flange standard: GB, HG, DIN, ANSI standard, according to your requirements.

List of Main Parts Material
Part name Material GB standard
Pump casing Cast iron
Ductile iron
Cast steel
Stanless steel
HT 250
& as clients requets
Impeller Bronze
Cast iron
Stainless steel
Ht 250
& as clients requets
Shaft Carbon steel
Stainless steel
seal-ring on pump casing Bronze
Cast iron
Stainless steel
HT 250
& as clients requets


√ NOTE before order 
Parameters necessary to be submitted at order Industry Circulating water pump with Electrical motor
1. Pump model and the flow, head (including the system loss), NPSHr at the point of the desired working condition.
2. Type of shaft seal (must be noted either mechanical or packing seal and, if not, delivery of the mechanical seal structure will be made).
3. Moving direction of the pump (must be noted in case of a CCW installation and, if not, delivery of a clockwise installation will be made).
4. Parameters of the motor (Y series motor of IP44 is generally used as the low-voltage motor with a power <200KW and, when to use a high voltage one, please note its voltage, protective rating, insulation class, way of cooling, power, number of polarity and manufacturer).
5. The materials of pump casing, impeller, shaft etc. parts. (delivery with the standard allocation will be made if without being noted).
6. Medium temperature (delivery upon a constant-temperature medium will be made if without being noted).
7. When the medium to be transported is corrosive or contains solid grains, please note the features of it.

Industry Circulating Water Pump with Electrical Motor

Quality certificate

Industry Circulating Water Pump with Electrical Motor

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Industry Circulating Water Pump with Electrical Motor

Twenty years design and engineering experience and More than ten years over sea market Experience. Tongke provide most professional and thoughtful Pre-sales and After service.
Technical training                   Equipment evaluation
Installation and debugging     Troubleshoot
Maintenance                           Update and improvement

Commitment to the service
1.One-year warranty. Provide technical support free all-life of the products.
2.Keep all-life contacting with clients, get feedback on use of the equipment and make the products quality continually perfected.
3.Hot-line of service is available in 24h, responded in 8h.

Diesel Drive Split Case Pump(pdf)
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